Navigating Creative Pathways in Oceania (a request!)

iakwe, aloha, kaselehlie mai, hafa adai, ia orana, kia orana, kia ora, bula vinaka, gude, he, haisai everyone! DSC_0064.NEF

I am now in the process of imagining another grant application, as well as an expansion of Project35 (project*SANGO) to begin putting together some collaborative projects in the Japanese archipelago and other places in Oceania, particularly in the Marshall Islands. Next year, in Guam there will be the Festival of Pacific Arts, and here in Japan I have been involved with a new festival called the Pacific Roots Festival. I am also hoping to get Project35 involved with exhibiting visual art, film, dance, and theater here in Japan to raise awareness about climate change, nuclear themes, militarism, and other issues of shared importance around the region. And I hope to organize a decent sized conference in the next two years which would be attended by people from all around Oceania and Japan. This summer (2015) I will also be in the Marshall Islands to meet with local community organizers and artists in Majuro and Ebeye.

I would like to put out a call to ask all of you about different networks of creativity in the places you live. I’m especially interested in visual art. Please feel free to post here about emerging artists, heritage/traditional art revival projects, street artists, youth groups who are doing community art in different islands, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, theater groups, ALL throughout the Pacific islands–not just in the urban centers or the hubs where different groups have migrated (although those are also exciting places with vibrant expression). I would really like to know about work that reaches across regions, between countries, as well as work that has not yet reached an international audience, and I’d especially like to know about work that raises questions, that is challenging and political, or which is about themes of resistance. Your advice and suggestions are very, very welcome and I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to post anything you like to this group.

Greg Dvorak

Director, Project35

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